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LLF Xanadu Hair Iray Mat Presets


As usual, LittleFox released another gorgeous hair. The materials that came with it are gorgeous, but the Iray rendering engine of Daz Studio doesn’t quite interpret them properly. Quickly put, it uses the wrong trans map for some of the material zones, so you’ll get a blocky mess instead of the nice, wispy hair that should be there. So, I applied the base Iray shader to the hair mats and switched out the trans maps. LittleFox has graciously given me permission to post the material presets for others to use. This includes only the base materials that Xanadu comes with. *NO* tweaks to the shader settings have been made *at all*. This means there is certainly room for improvement (for example, Syyd and Traveler’s Colour Therapy: XANADU¬†which has a lot more options and completely optimized Iray mats). Anyway, without further ado, here is the file. It is set up to unzip into Materials/Iray in the Xanadu hair folder. I don’t *think* it would matter where they are unzipped to. If you don’t already have the hair, these files will be useless because it is just the presets and no textures are included. As an additional note: scalp materials aren’t included because Iray uses the right trans map on that one. These are for the hair only. I’ve tested these only on the G3F hair. I don’t have the others, so I don’t know if they’ll work for that. Hope you find these useful.


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