The Freehold is a website for 3D artists to work together, share what they know and have done. Tutorials and freebies will be the starting focus of this site, but more features and area will be added as we continue to grow.

My name is ChangelingChick, and I started working with 3D in March of 2013.  I first downloaded Daz Studio (because who can beat free?). Opened it, went cross-eyed and found a bargain on Poser. I then worked pretty much exclusively with Poser (and the Generation 4 characters), for a year and a half at which point I decided to give Daz another try since I felt I’d gotten to know Poser pretty well. I am currently doing my own morphs and textures for characters in Daz Studio and Poser, and my next goal is to learn clothes modelling/rigging. As I learn/figure things out, I will try to write tutorials for stuff I’ve found useful. I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have something to contribute, please do.

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  1. Dear changelingChick;

    I purchased your character CC Cilian for the Genesis 3 male. The character artistically is fine. However, when I render him using iray in fairly extreme lighting conditions (he is in the light everything around him is dark the skin texture gets all crackly with black lines running everywhere through the surface. Other characters in this same scene have no issue. I really like the character but as of now, it is unusable. Would you consider fixing his texture maps?

    1. Sorry! I just saw this. For some reason I wasn’t getting notifications. Without seeing what you’re talking about, there’s nothing I can do. I can’t duplicate the issue at all.

  2. Hi It’s RAMWOlff from the DAZ3D forums. I was curious about your Shave product for Genesis 8 Male. I want to learn how you set up the underarm hair. I have the product and looked over the data files and went cross eyed! LOL REDZ helped me initially with setting up my first set and it worked mostly. Then came bending the arms forward and up and down and then things got weird. I tried to make some JCM’s for it but just got very messy very fast and it was a bummer so I stopped.

    Had to take a break from 3D for a little while as I’m still getting my bearings on my new rig which has been a bit of a nightmare (remind me to NEVER buy a computer during Mercury Retrograde again).

    I’m finally back to getting Gino finished up for market but I’m sad that the underarm hair I made for him is a no go. I’ve filled in the blanks by including a nice mustache and beard I made in ZBrush as those don’t require jumping through hoops to with much of anything as the auto follow works for most shapes but since they are made for Gino that’s fine!

    If you have a tutorial or advice or anything that would help this old brain understand things a bit more I’d be so thankful. Even a copy of Gino when he’s finished! 🙂 Your welcome to email me directly if that will make things easier.

    Thanks again,
    Richard (Wolffie)

    1. Always make fiber hair on the base shape with JCMs turned off. The underarms are an especially problematic area for this because the JCMs are quite significant. I had the JCMs on then lifted his arms over his head, sent to ZBrush and setup my fiber mask, then put his arms down and JCMs off, sent him back to ZBrush, made the hair, sent it back to DS. Then I did the rigging and weightmapping as usual. Underarms are the worst 😀

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