The Freehold is a website for 3D artists to work together, share what they know and have done. Tutorials and freebies will be the starting focus of this site, but more features and area will be added as we continue to grow.

My name is ChangelingChick, and I started working with 3D in March of 2013.  I first downloaded Daz Studio (because who can beat free?). Opened it, went cross-eyed and found a bargain on Poser. I then worked pretty much exclusively with Poser (and the Generation 4 characters), for a year and a half at which point I decided to give Daz another try since I felt I’d gotten to know Poser pretty well. I am currently doing my own morphs and textures for characters in Daz Studio and Poser, and my next goal is to learn clothes modelling/rigging. As I learn/figure things out, I will try to write tutorials for stuff I’ve found useful. I hope you enjoy the site, and if you have something to contribute, please do.

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